Scientific Committee


We are grateful to all members of the Scientific Committee for their guidance and support, which helps our team produce an innovative and exciting programme for the Conference. This years committee is chaired by Brett Suddell of Biobased Solutions Limited and Brendon Weager of Composites Evolution. The Scientific Committee for EcoComp 2019 is composed of  independent academics and industry experts which have been selected due to their expertise in the field.


Meet the Committee…


Bo Madsen ,Associate Professor, Composite Materials, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark

Key Areas: Biocomposites, microstructure, micromechanical models, manufacturing, mechanical properties, water absorption



Dr Daniel Maskell MEng(hons) PhD, Lecturer (Assistant Professor)  in Innovative Construction Materials, Bath University

Key Areas:  Natural fibre reinforcements, Wood fibre composites, Bio-derived resins, Eco-design, Durability and testing



Dr. Brendon Weager , Technical Director at Composites Evolution

Key Areas: Biotext high-performance natural composites, bio-derived, recycled and recyclable feed-stocks,  Natural fibre reinforcements



Elliot Fleet, Project Manager at Composites Evolution

Key Areas: Eco-design, Wood Fibre Composites, Recycled Fibre reinforcements



Stella Job, Supply Chain and Environment Manager at Composites UK

Key Areas:  Environmental development in areas such as recycling, bio-based materials, life cycle assessment.


Graham Ormondroyd, Head of Materials Research, Bangor University

Key Areas: Biobased composites, mechanics, LCA, life cycle


Lisa Wikström (F), M.Sc (Tech.), Research Team Leader for the Biocomposites and Processing team in the business area of Solutions for Natural Resources and Environment at VTT

Key Areas: Biocomposites and their processing including thermoplastic bio-based and synthetic polymers as well as  natural fibres.


John Summerscales CEng, CEnv, CSci, Professor of Composites Engineering School of Engineering, University of Plymouth, England

Key Areas: Composite manufacture, mechanical property measurement and modelling



Steven Brown, Technology Development Manager, Scott Bader Company Ltd
Key Areas: Bio-derived feedstocks, unsaturated resin synthesis, sustainability principles and practise, circular economy