Jack J Herring

Jack J Herring

CEO + Founder of Jiva Materials Ltd

Jiva Materials Ltd

After recently receiving funding from Venrex Investment Management, Jack is currently  working with the support of InnovationRCA at the Royal College of Art to bring the work of Jiva Materials Ltd to the forefront of material innovation within the electronics industry.

Current technological developments and a keen interest in material science have been the catalysts in Jacks recent work Jiva Materials Ltd. A combination of material experimentation and technical design is an approach that he has taken in an attempt to tackle real world problems now and in the near future. The need to re-evaluate design processes and life cycles of objects drives Jack to question the ways our belongings are made and what they are made of.

Jiva is redefining the way that we manufacture Printed Circuit Boards, attend EcoComp 2019 to find out more.

Speaker sessions:

Soluboard®: The Recyclable PCB Substrate at 14:30 on 20th June 2019